This is the homepage of my personal website.

In the background is a picture of my hobby: Building Steamdriven scale models, that are really coal fired.

On a linked page, you can see my ongoing project, a model Steamlocomotive.

Also see the website of our modelbuilding club: Stormpolderrail in Krimpen aan de IJssel and see what is all possible in this branch of modelbuilding.

The way I came to build technical models, has a long history.

It all started in the fifties, when I got my first box of Meccano.

Later I got more and more interested in building models of aeroplanes

and trains. Starting with small plastic and wood models, it grew out to

the scale I am now working on.

Click on this link to see some Meccano models.


Greetings, Alexander Heijnsdijk.